Website Design


Your website is your online office and the first impression of your business. The design and the content of your website will either make visitors interested in working with you or look elsewhere. Avoid the bounce rate with a well-crafted website that aims at converting visitors to paying clients. 

Our  7-Phase step-by-step guide in website design and development is the hallmark of all our website works. You deserve more than just a beautiful-looking website. What you want is a website that makes your visitors take positive action. We can make this happen by including all the ingredients required for your website to succeed:

1. Simplicity

Complexity in web design confuses users most of the time. A simple website is what converts users. When a user lands on your webpage they need to know what that page is all about and what steps they can take without much distraction happening.

2. Fast Loading Lightweight Website

Users want information as fast as possible. If a user has to wait for more than 3 seconds for a webpage to load they’ll simply search elsewhere. According to this research by Google, the probability of bounce rate increases 32% as page load time goes from 1 to 3 seconds and by 90% when the page load time goes from one to five seconds. If a site takes up to 10 seconds to load, then the chance of a bounce increases to 123%. Whether you are creating a new website or have a website in place, we can do a site audit and help you improve your website speeds.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Almost everyone makes a choice to do business with you based on the findings of their online research. Not unless they know your business they will have to Google what they want and find the relevant website. And if your website doesn’t rank well organically or you aren’t doing Seach Engine Marketing (SEM), chances are high that the business will go to your competitor. SEO has become the backbone of winning websites. If you haven’t done SEO for your website you really need Clarity Media to help you align your website with where the world is and into a brighter future with more impressions, more engagement, more clicks, and more sales.

4. Clarity

Using short paragraphs that communicate clearly is more valuable than using long paragraphs that don’t communicate anything. Aim at communicating the most using the least words possible. 

We can hello you to communicate clearly through our Copywriting services.

5. Ease of Use

Navigating a website should be easy. Visitors need not be tech savvy to be able to navigate your website. Reduce clatter, have clear Call-To-Action buttons and let each section of the website allow the user know the next step without having to look through tons of information or buttons. Make navigating your website as simple as A B C. Remember Simplicity? This is where it comes in. 

At Clarity Media, we create websites that work for you. Let’s get in touch to have your website online or to improve your current website.

6. Easy Contact Us and Feedback Forms and Buttons

When a user likes what they are seeing on your website, their next step is to contact you or leave feedback. These forms and buttons should be within a one-click reach. Users shouldn’t have to go through page after page to be able to contact you or leave feedback. Make it simple, make it clear, make it visible.


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