Website Design


Admedia Communications is the best PR Company in Kenya. Admedia company has been in business for close to 2 decades and that definitely called for a website redesign to keep abreast with the current trends in the online world. Clarity Media delivered a clean sleek modern website.

Admedia Digital, a subsidiary of the eminent Admedia Communications, stands at the forefront of digital communications in Kenya. With expert craftsmanship, Clarity Media has developed a clean, contemporary website that encapsulates the essence of Admedia Digital. This new digital platform reflects the sophistication and forward-thinking mindset that we bring to our clients.

Following our successful collaboration on various videography projects, we engaged in a strategic dialogue with Better People Consulting to identify the pivotal need for a digital presence as dynamic and bold as their brand ethos. Our mutual vision was to create a website that not only resonates with their core values but also amplifies their industry-leading expertise.

At Clarity Media, we pride ourselves on fostering enduring client relationships built on trust and exceptional service. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the satisfaction and loyalty of our clients. Following the successful completion of the Better People Consulting website, our client’s confidence in our expertise led them to entrust us with the development of an Online Learning Portal.

At Clarity Media, we are proud to showcase our latest project, the creation of the Air Purifiers Limited website, a leading distributor of Aura Smart Air purifiers in Kenya. Our collaboration with Air Purifiers Limited exemplifies our expertise in crafting digital platforms that not only inform but also engage and inspire action.

In crafting the foundation’s digital presence, Clarity Media has worked hand in hand with Atram Visuals, ensuring that the website not only serves as an informative resource but also as an inspiring call to action for potential partners. The result is a synergy of visual storytelling and functional design, creating an engaging user experience that embodies the spirit of the Pace Able Foundation’s transformative agenda.

Tap Tu Smart Business Cards are not just business cards; they are a statement of sophistication and a passport to seamless interaction in the digital age. With just a simple tap, these cards instantly transmit your contact details, social media profiles, and website to smartphones, revolutionizing the way you connect with colleagues, clients, and collaborators. Proudly presented by Clarity Media.

Discover the art of visual distinction with Atram Visuals Solutions, a creative powerhouse where design intuition meets digital mastery. Specializing in branding, marketing, and visual communication, our agency stands as a beacon for those who seek to forge a memorable brand identity and turn sustainability goals into tangible realities.

Introducing Urban Green, Nairobi’s quintessential landscape design virtuosos, brought online through the collaborative expertise of Clarity Media and Atram Visuals. With a shared passion for crafting digital experiences as meticulously as Urban Green sculpts the environment, we have created a website that embodies the artistry and finesse of these landscape connoisseurs.

Clarity Media, renowned as the leading website design specialists in Kenya, is proud to present the digital transformation of the African Online School of Applied Research Skills (AOSARS). As a Pan-African beacon of online research training and consultancy, AOSARS required a robust and intuitive learning management system to match its prestigious reputation.

Welcome to Tales by Ortis, one of Kenya’s most cherished storytelling havens. As the digital architects behind this vibrant platform, we at Clarity Media have crafted a web experience that mirrors the charisma and creativity of the blog’s esteemed owner – a young Kenyan entrepreneur and filmmaker whose vivid recounting of adventures captivates and delights a growing audience daily.

At Clarity Media, Kenya’s premier website design experts, we are honored to have crafted the digital platform for Riak Tek Lam, a visionary South Sudanese advocate for peace and transformation. In a nation that has endured years of civil conflict, Riak Tek Lam’s commitment to fostering dialogue and reconciliation stands as a beacon of hope.

Whether you’re searching for insightful articles on the newest gadgets or seeking the best deals on electronics, Phones in Kenya is your ultimate digital destination. Step into the future of technology with Phones in Kenya, powered by the unparalleled web design expertise of Clarity Media.

Welcome to Research Link International Network (ReLIN), a non-profit organization at the heart of sustainable development and environmental stewardship. Through the lens of rigorous research, ReLIN is committed to fostering a better future by enhancing livelihoods and conserving the environment with strategic, evidence-based human interventions.